UTBB Episode 6 : ‘Murica!

Happy New Year! This week we take a look at how one town is trying to get around violating the First Amendment; A “Catholic Warrior” fights the not-so-good fight for her beliefs; Some knucklehead trashes an FFRF banner; a zombie sighting in Ohio; and how a new article shows how Christians cherry-pick (imagine that)! Kick off your new year right with Unbuckling The Bible Belt!

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Show notes:

Courthouse nativity scene headed to court

Florida’s Satanic Temple Display Was Vandalized by a Self-Described “Catholic Warrior”

Atheist Banner in Front of Georgia Courthouse Gets Torn Down

Ohio town threatens legal action against ‘zombie’ baby Jesus Nativity scene on man’s lawn

Pig’s head replaces baby Jesus in nasty Nativity prank Christmas Day in Massachusetts

Newsweek Cover Story Tackles How Christians Often Misinterpret the Bible to Suit Their Own Needs

UTBB Episode 5 : Ostrich Sized Children

We’re baaaccckk! We were off last week, but we come back with a vengeance with Southern fried atheism! Our stories this week include Ken Hamm’s failed attempt to get taxpayers to pay for his fantasy ark; Christians who turn against a fellow Christian because she is actually ACTING like Christ; Hindus want to put a cool monkey god statue in OKC; and a teacher quits because one of her students uses so-called “religious persecution” as a cover for his uber-douchey quest to get her fired. Also, we have a voicemail from Bobby C. of the No Religion Required podcast, a story from a listener about Mississippi, an Atheist Christmas Carol, and several shout-outs! Fun times for all!

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Show Notes

Ken Hamm’s Ark park gets rejected for tax funding

Ark park plans billboards to counter criticism

Parents rip mom who complained about school Bible handout: ‘You’re outnumbered here’

Hindus seek ok on the capitol grounds in ok

Teacher resigns when student complains about having to read paper

Atheists of Lawrence County

HumanLight Wikipedia Page

Atheist Christmas Carol Video

In The Name of God Podcast

UTBB Episode 4 : Satan’s Shadowbox

On this installment of everyone’s favorite heathen podcast, Chris and Joe discuss how billboards can drive Christians crazy; Satan gets his way in Florida; Satire and atheism are alive and well in Mississippi; A Texas town don’t want no damn secular display on their gubmint property, but Jeebus is fine; and a Seth Andrews video shows that Christ does NOT have to be in Christmas. A fun filled Holiday extravaganza for all!

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Show Notes:

Atheist Billboard Causes Controversy In Nashville

There Will Be a Satanic Display in Florida’s Capitol Building This Holiday Season

Proposed Mississippi Heritage Amendment Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Texas official defends Nativity scene by accusing atheist of trying to ‘destroy’ Christmas

Christmas: Behind the Curtain

White Wine In The Sun by Tim Minchin

UTBB Podcast Episode 3 : Hair Jesus

On this episode of our world famous podcast, we discover that Moses was the Father of American Democracy; A hair transplant surgeon and convicted criminal proves that anyone can be Jesus Christ; The Satanic Temple wants in on the fun at the Florida Capital Rotunda with a festive display; And you can never have too many lawyers when doing a film about Scientology. Go leave a review on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spreaker! Tell your friends! Announce the show on your church bulletin! Get the word out by any means necessary!

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Show Notes:

Texas approves textbooks with Moses as Founding Father

Hair transplant surgeon claims he’s Jesus, attacks man

Devil’s Advocates

HBO to make film of Scientology book, hires 160 lawyers