UTBB Episode 6 : ‘Murica!

Happy New Year! This week we take a look at how one town is trying to get around violating the First Amendment; A “Catholic Warrior” fights the not-so-good fight for her beliefs; Some knucklehead trashes an FFRF banner; a zombie sighting in Ohio; and how a new article shows how Christians cherry-pick (imagine that)! Kick off your new year right with Unbuckling The Bible Belt!

Download the show here.

Show notes:

Courthouse nativity scene headed to court

Florida’s Satanic Temple Display Was Vandalized by a Self-Described “Catholic Warrior”

Atheist Banner in Front of Georgia Courthouse Gets Torn Down

Ohio town threatens legal action against ‘zombie’ baby Jesus Nativity scene on man’s lawn

Pig’s head replaces baby Jesus in nasty Nativity prank Christmas Day in Massachusetts

Newsweek Cover Story Tackles How Christians Often Misinterpret the Bible to Suit Their Own Needs

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