UTBB Epidsode 11 : The Library Edition

We went to a library study room to put this week’s episode together, and it shows. But it also goes to show the lengths we will go to bring you an episode. That’s a positive thing, right? This week, Seethin reads a letter, plugs a podcast, and makes the case for charity and doing good deeds in an atheist/secular context; We discover that Bryan Fischer is out, but not really, at the American Family Association; We find that Alabama repeats history and wants to defy Federal law; A more inclusive Veteran’s monument is given the green light in North Carolina; Judaism is not exempt from crazy fundy types; and how atheism could bring peace on Earth! It may not sound great this week, but this episode in nothing if not uplifting!

Download the show here.

Show Notes:

Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast

The Moody Atheist Blog

Foundation Beyond Belief

The AFA Cannot Wash Its Hands Of Bryan Fischer’s Bigotry That Easily

SPLC files ethics complaint against Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore over pledge to defy federal law and enforce same-sex marriage ban

King approves design for new kneeling soldier statue

Facebook, Unchain Me!

Music by Eric Parson, marrman89@gmail.com.


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