UTBB Episode 18 : Atheist Menorah

On this episode of everyone’s favorite Middle Tennessee atheist podcast, Seethin’ and Joe start off with the intro in which they discuss Seethin’s review of J.D. Brucker’s blog, and Mr. Brucker’s mention of said review on his blog as well as his book’s Amazon page; sexism in atheism, specifically on Facebook; the absolute need for you to watch the latest Scientology documentary “Going Clear” and/or the book on which the documentary is based; and the subject of this episode’s author segment, Eiynah Nicemangoes.

We then discuss the writings and illustrations of the aforementioned Eiynah, as well as her no-holds barred attitude in everything she does. Next we discuss, for the last time, another round of unbelievably stupid things said by CJ Werleman. CNN once again publishes a post favorable to atheists, this time by the incomparable Mandisa Thomas, President of Black Nonbelievers, Inc., in which she discusses the need for more diversity in atheism. Next on the agenda we have Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty infamy fantasizing about raping atheist girls, and how Horus Gilgamesh politely tells Phil to go fuck himself. Finally, for our Volunteers Stupidity segment, Joe regales you with the story of Bible Man, aka Horace Turner, and how the FFRF finally brought his reign of Christian proselytizing to public school kids in Tennessee to an end. And don’t forget, the American Atheists convention takes place in Memphis this upcoming Easter Weekend! If you attend, drop us a line and let us know how it went at either our email address unbuckling@gmail.com, or call the voicemail line at (931) 300-2574. Let your atheist flag fly!

Download the show here.

Show notes

Chris from the Unbuckling the Bible Belt Podcast shares his thoughts on ‘Improbable’

Amazon.com’s page for J.D. Brucker’s book Improbable : Issues with the God Hypothesis

Going Clear | HBO Documentary Films | HBO

Eiynah Nicemangos’ blog

Eiynah Nicemango’s Patreon

This Is Pakistan’s First Anti-Homophobia Children’s Book, And It Is Beautiful

Why This Pakistani Blogger Called Ben Affleck a Stifler

CJ Werleman Calls New Atheists “White Supremacists”

Confessions of a black atheist

Black Nonbelievers, Inc.

Secular Coalition For America

Foundation Beyond Belief

Dear Phil Robertson…

“Bible Man” Kicked Out of Tennessee Elementary School After FFRF Inquiry


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