UTBB Episode 20 : Arel Encounter

For our 20th episode, we conduct out second interview with special guest, author, journalist, blogger, and the recipient of the 2014 American Atheists First Amendment Award, Dan Arel. We discuss Dan’s coverage of Ken Ham and the Ark Encounter’s attempts to secure taxpayer funding even as Ham discriminates in hiring practices. We also talk about Dan’s surprise and delight at winning the First Amendment Award from American Atheists; His book “Parenting Without God”; David Silverman and his statement that atheists are the “most hated group in America”; the CNN special report on atheists and CNN’s increased coverage of atheists in general; his take on the attack by those such as Reza Aslan and Glenn Greenwald on atheists who call out Islam and who are then branded as “Islamophobes”; His badass neck tattoo; his absolute loathing of the Godfather, Adam Reakes; his favorite professional hockey team; and his official coming out as Friend of the Show. We then end the show by telling how you can get in touch with Dan through social media, and we remind our intrepid listeners that we will be attending ReasonCon in a little more than a week. So join us as we get the scoop and have the FIRST INTERVIEW with Dan Arel since the winning of his award!

Download the show here.

Show Notes

Dan Arel’s website

Dan Arel’s Twitter

Dan Arel’s Facebook Public Figure Page

Dan Arel’s blog, “Danthropology”

Official Website for ReasonCon 2015

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