UTBB Episode 24 : In Reason We Twust

The Demonic Duo return to the normal format of the show after two episodes of ReasonCon related content. In the intro we talk about Waiting 4 Wrath and their self-effacing tweets again, as well as Seethin’ making two appearances on other podcasts, one good and one not-so-good.

We cover Alabama’s newly proposed bill for teaching evolution alternatives in our first story, which is really just a way to sneak creationism into the classroom once again. Steven Hewett and his continuing activism is the subject of our next story. This time, Mr. Hewett is trying to get a perfectly reasonable motto on the courthouse. We then cover an essay by perennial atheist activist badass Dan Courtney concerning his thoughts about the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling that allowed religious invocations, as well as secular ones, in government meetings. We then conclude with a segment of our world popular atheist/secular author segment, the subject of which this episode is Danthropology Dojo member Matthew O’Neill. So take that half-hour you had previously set aside for you weekly baby-eating session and devote it instead to some Southern-fried podcasting!

Download the show here.

Show Notes

Waiting 4 Wrath Self-Effacing Tweet

Everyone’s Agnostic Episode 45 featuring Seethin’ Heathen

Anti-evolution legislation introduced in Alabama House

Hewett presents plan

Greece v. Galloway – A Year on the Front Lines

Matthew O’Neill Tweet Revealing the Other Members of the “Danthropology Dojo”

You Say That I Am: Jesus and the Messianic Problem at Amazon

Matthew O’Neill’s articles on Danthropology

Matthew O’Neill’s review of Dan Arel’s book Parenting Without God: How to Raise Moral, Ethical and Intelligent Children, Free From Religious Dogma

Author Matthew O’Neill Reviews ‘God Needs To Go’

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