UTBB Episode 26 : A Taste of Eli

After a nearly month-long hiatus, the Terrible Tennessee Twosome come back strong with an interview with magician, comedian, and frequent Scathing Atheist guest Eli Bosnick! We talk about his day job; his guest appearances on Scathing Atheist; his performances at a sold-out Madison Square Garden; and much more! Oh, and Seethin’ whines and whinges on why it took him a month to finally put out another episode. I hope y’all enjoy the new direction we’re taking, and thanks as always for the support!

Download the show here.

Show Notes

The Scathing Atheist

Eli Bosnick’s Twitter

A Taste of Magic’s Twitter

A Taste of Magic’s Facebook page

Eli Bosnick’s Not Just Any Magician’s Facebook page

A Taste of Magic’s website

A Magician Happy to Reveal the Secrets of His Tricks (on Mondays)

Eli Bosnick’s profile on backstage.com

Roast of God at ReasonCon 2015

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