UTBB Episode 28 : Atheist Superhero

Joe graces us with his presence once again for this episode as we make some announcements, such as a new review on iTunes and Tucker Drake being on Zachrilege Cast. We then give our thoughts on the Supreme Court ruling on Marriage Equality, mostly saying how fucking awesome it is! Oh, did I mention Joe became an ordained minister online? We also play a voicemail from the mysterious BJ Saylor, a new fan and potential interviewee.

We then go on to the interview, which this week is with Steven Hewett, a war veteran and certified atheist activist action hero. We talk about how he sued to get the veteran’s memorial in his hometown of King, NC changed to represent all veterans, not just Christians, as well as getting the Christian flag taken down over the monument. We also talk about his current effort to get E Pluribus Unum put on the Stokes County Courthouse, as well as trying to get permission to give secular invocations in KIng and Stokes County.We also talk about his reception of the Atheist in the Foxhole award from the FFRF. He also tells us about his path to atheism, as well as the harassment he receives for his activism. A fascinating man and an awesome interview. Tune in and check it out!

Download the show here.

Show Notes

Zachrilege Cast #22 — Tucker of The Atheist in the Trailer Park Podcast

The Beautiful Closing Paragraph of Justice Kennedy’s Gay Marriage Ruling

In God We Trust?

Hewett v. City of King

Stokes commissioners to consider adding second motto to courthouse


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