UTBB Episode 41: We All Have Mono!

In this episode you get to hear monologues from all three hosts, Sharon, Kate, and believe it or not, Chris!  Sharon sends some love and talks about life as a bisexual in an open marriage; Kate educates everyone on how to safely leave religion behind if you’re in a situation where you may not necessarily be able to do that; and Chris goes off on the dangers in Flint, MI, and how Michael Moore is not helping the situation. Finally, there is an interview with Matthew O’Neil on his writings.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of UTBB Podcast!

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Show Notes

Recovering From Religion

Project Rising

The National Domestic Violence Hotline


Atheist Nexus

United Way

US Postal Service 

Flint Water Crisis: How Michigan failed its people

For God’s Sake Podcast Facebook Page

Matthew O’Neil’s Facebook Page

Matthew O’Neil’s Twitter

Matthew O’Neil’s Amazon Author Page


UTBB Episode 37 : Ammosexual Edition

In this episode we discuss gun control, southern style. We also have a good laugh at some people from the Netherlands who don’t know the difference between the Koran and the Bible; and Adam Fuzen goes nuclear on a church in Tennessee whose teenagers can’t keep it in their pants.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode! 

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UTBB Episode 21 : You’re Christianing Wrong

Later than promised and shorter than normal, we present another episode of our spectacular Southern podcast! In the intro we speak of Zachrliege’s review of our interview with Dan Arel; a big shout out to our Chinese listeners;  as well as a humorous Twitter exchange with the folk from Waiting 4 Wrath. We then dive right in to our usual assortment of news stories, first of which is a real Christian woman getting a ticket for serving meals to the homeless, and invoking RFRA for a noble purpose (for once!) We then speak of a CBS Sunday Special Report which shows the real struggles of Southern atheists such as Neil Carter and Mandissa Thomas in a way that really spotlights their humanity. Next, we cover yet another hilariously scathing letter from Horus Gilgamesh of Awkward Moments Children’s Bible fame, this time aimed at Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt and his moronic letter to state school superintendents. And, finally, for our Volunteers Stupidity segment, we find out that a bill to make the Bible the official book of Tennessee is killed in the State Senate, but for the wrong reasons. So sit back and relax, your belt is about to get unbuckled!

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Show Notes

Zachrilege’s review of our interview with Dan Arel.

Twitter exchange with Waiting 4 Wrath

Texas woman invokes ‘religious freedom’ argument to fight $2000 fine for feeding the homeless

Atheists: In godlessness we trust

Mr. Pruitt, Your Bibles Are On The Way!

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt defends Bible distribution in schools, says ‘religious freedoms are under attack’

Senate kills bill to make Bible official Tennessee book

UTBB Episode 12 : No Insurance For You!

We keep you guessing with the release schedule here at UTBB, and this is no exception, as this is being released on a Thursday! Who doesn’t like surprises? This week, we start off with the tragic story of the Chapel Hill shootings and its relation to atheism (nothing, we contend); Tennessee decides it wants to try to succeed where Mississippi failed; A prayer for no insurance for poor people in Tennessee; We see Alabama once again trying to stand in the way of progress, which it partially succeeds at, for now; Obama tells the truth about religions, and Republicans shockingly are appalled; and Virginia may be for lovers, but apparently not when they’re non-believers. Keep away those winter blues and listen to the latest UTBB podcast!

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Show Notes:

Camp Quest Oklahoma Website

3 Muslim students shot to death in Chapel Hill, neighbor charged

CJ Werleman Tweet Regarding Sam Harris And Chapel Hill Shootings

Lawmaker wants to make Bible official book of Tennessee

State Senate Trots Out Wingnut To Pray … Against Insure Tennessee?

4 Alabama judges refuse to perform same-sex weddings citing religious beliefs

President Obama Compares ISIS Terrorism To Christian Crusades Right Wing Heads Explode (Video)

Virginia Court Official Tells Atheist Couple They Have No Right To Get Married Because They Don’t Believe In God

UTBB Episode 6 : ‘Murica!

Happy New Year! This week we take a look at how one town is trying to get around violating the First Amendment; A “Catholic Warrior” fights the not-so-good fight for her beliefs; Some knucklehead trashes an FFRF banner; a zombie sighting in Ohio; and how a new article shows how Christians cherry-pick (imagine that)! Kick off your new year right with Unbuckling The Bible Belt!

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Show notes:

Courthouse nativity scene headed to court

Florida’s Satanic Temple Display Was Vandalized by a Self-Described “Catholic Warrior”

Atheist Banner in Front of Georgia Courthouse Gets Torn Down

Ohio town threatens legal action against ‘zombie’ baby Jesus Nativity scene on man’s lawn

Pig’s head replaces baby Jesus in nasty Nativity prank Christmas Day in Massachusetts

Newsweek Cover Story Tackles How Christians Often Misinterpret the Bible to Suit Their Own Needs