Bible Stories Few Read to the Bitter End, Ep. 3: Sorry, Babe.

Episode 3 of Bible Stories Few Read to the Bitter End: Sorry, Babe, You Gotta Take One for the Team.

In this episode, I discuss the tale of Abraham and Sarah, and their open relationship with royalty. And the fact that this story is in the Bible three times in the book of Genesis, chapters 12, 20 and 26.

Stay tuned next week when I discuss Bible stories that endorse police states and more!

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Bible Stories Few Read To The Bitter End – Episode 2: Jacob, Dick for Hire

Episode 2 

Jacob: Dick for Hire

Genesis Chapter 29:31 through all of 30.

This tale literally plays out like an episode of the Jerry Springer show in telling. If you like HBO soap operas like Spartacus or Borgias, then you will enjoy this pretty juicy tale of love, politics, sex, and man whoring.

Join me, the Bluegrass Skeptic, in enjoying some of the more colorful tales of biblical tales and myth in their full entirety that most don’t hear in church. The Bible doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Especially if you read it purely for entertainment purposes only.

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