UTBB Episode 15 : A Handjob From Hanuman

Joe is tired and stressed because of his upcoming wedding on Pi day (March 14), but he sucks it up and joins the show for another scatological heathen extravaganza! In the intro we discuss a videotaped speech of Mr. Godless in Dixie himself, Neil Carter, various kind retweeters, and a brand new patron, David from Canada. We then start with this week’s stories, which include the Hamm-ster exploiting children in the name of his Ark; three legislators in Idaho who walk out rather than have to hear a prayer that isn’t Christian; a discussion of scripture and context by Ali Rizvi; Sam Harris explaining why Islamic apologists are just plain wrong; and hell freezes over as Fox News somehow lets an article about America not being a Christian nation slip through its censorship dragnet. Grab you a pie for Pi day and enjoy this final episode with Joe as a single man!

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Show Notes

How to Be Godless in Dixie

Ken Ham uses children to garner support for his Ark Encounter tax lawsuit

Idaho Senate open with Hindu prayer, 3 lawmakers protest

No, You’re Not Taking Those Verses ‘Out of Context’

Sam Harris rips academics who ceaselessly deny that religion can inspire brutal violence

America is not a “Christian” nation

UTBB Episode 5 : Ostrich Sized Children

We’re baaaccckk! We were off last week, but we come back with a vengeance with Southern fried atheism! Our stories this week include Ken Hamm’s failed attempt to get taxpayers to pay for his fantasy ark; Christians who turn against a fellow Christian because she is actually ACTING like Christ; Hindus want to put a cool monkey god statue in OKC; and a teacher quits because one of her students uses so-called “religious persecution” as a cover for his uber-douchey quest to get her fired. Also, we have a voicemail from Bobby C. of the No Religion Required podcast, a story from a listener about Mississippi, an Atheist Christmas Carol, and several shout-outs! Fun times for all!

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Show Notes

Ken Hamm’s Ark park gets rejected for tax funding

Ark park plans billboards to counter criticism

Parents rip mom who complained about school Bible handout: ‘You’re outnumbered here’

Hindus seek ok on the capitol grounds in ok

Teacher resigns when student complains about having to read paper

Atheists of Lawrence County

HumanLight Wikipedia Page

Atheist Christmas Carol Video

In The Name of God Podcast