UTBB Episode 40: Mad Militia Mans Malheur

In this Episode Sharon and Kate take on the Oregon Militia trying desperately to take over the federal government by taking out a wildlife reserve and using it for their bunker.  Later Sharon and Kate go through five of their favorite stories of the year.

The show wraps up with Chris in his Corner interviewing Shell King about the state of medicine today.

So sit back, relax, loosen your personal bible belt, and enjoy our show!

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UTBB Episode 12 : No Insurance For You!

We keep you guessing with the release schedule here at UTBB, and this is no exception, as this is being released on a Thursday! Who doesn’t like surprises? This week, we start off with the tragic story of the Chapel Hill shootings and its relation to atheism (nothing, we contend); Tennessee decides it wants to try to succeed where Mississippi failed; A prayer for no insurance for poor people in Tennessee; We see Alabama once again trying to stand in the way of progress, which it partially succeeds at, for now; Obama tells the truth about religions, and Republicans shockingly are appalled; and Virginia may be for lovers, but apparently not when they’re non-believers. Keep away those winter blues and listen to the latest UTBB podcast!

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Show Notes:

Camp Quest Oklahoma Website

3 Muslim students shot to death in Chapel Hill, neighbor charged

CJ Werleman Tweet Regarding Sam Harris And Chapel Hill Shootings

Lawmaker wants to make Bible official book of Tennessee

State Senate Trots Out Wingnut To Pray … Against Insure Tennessee?

4 Alabama judges refuse to perform same-sex weddings citing religious beliefs

President Obama Compares ISIS Terrorism To Christian Crusades Right Wing Heads Explode (Video)

Virginia Court Official Tells Atheist Couple They Have No Right To Get Married Because They Don’t Believe In God