UTBB Episode 37 : Ammosexual Edition

In this episode we discuss gun control, southern style. We also have a good laugh at some people from the Netherlands who don’t know the difference between the Koran and the Bible; and Adam Fuzen goes nuclear on a church in Tennessee whose teenagers can’t keep it in their pants.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode! 

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UTBB Episode 25 : Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Say congratulations to Joe for coming up with this week’s episode title! Isn’t he creative? On this week’s episode of Unbuckling The Bible Belt, we plug author/illustrator Courtney Lynn, as well as a new Southern blogger from the State of Kentucky, Bluegrass Skeptic; as well as JD Brucker’s new book, Reason Over Faith. Did I mention the Facebook page has hit 200 likes? Woo hoo!

We then move on to your weekly round of “you would have to laugh, or you would cry” stories. Our first story is about a disgusting hypocrite of a politician representing our home state in the House of Representatives. We then talk about yet another Representative from Tennessee who seems to think Christians are being holocausted in our great nation! We then cover an analysis of an article written by my new friend, the blogger and YouTuber The Bluegrass Skeptic. Texas then proves once again why everything is bigger there, including psychopathic Christians. We then encounter another story in Kentucky, but this time we have some outraged parents who don’t seem to understand what religious equality means. We then end the show with a ‘Volunteers For Stupidity’ segment, in which we discuss a bill that establishes a weekend of prayer for the entire State, whether you like or not! The stupid is strong in this latest of episode! You don’t want to miss it!

Show Notes

Courtney Lynn’s Website, Atheist Children’s Books

Courtney Lynn’s Gofundme Page

The Bluegrass Skeptic

The Bluegrass Skeptic YouTube Channel

Reason Over Faith: Antitheism & the Case Against Religion

Tennessee Republican who pressured mistress to have abortion votes to restrict them for other women

Papers From Desjarlais Bitter Divorce Pop up In Media

New law requires 48-hr. waiting period before having sex with Rep. DesJarlais

Idiot Tennessee Rep Knows All The Christians Are Being Holocausted, Just Can’t Say Where

A Very Reverend’s Analysis Still Misses The Mark Of The PEW Religious Poll

Texas cop kills for Christ, claims he is a ‘Christian Warrior’

Kentucky Woman, Who Says She’s Not a Bigot, Walks Out on Muslim Speaker During Baccalaureate Service

Tennessee touts ‘weekend of prayer for students’ despite experts calling it ineffective

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UTBB Episode 21 : You’re Christianing Wrong

Later than promised and shorter than normal, we present another episode of our spectacular Southern podcast! In the intro we speak of Zachrliege’s review of our interview with Dan Arel; a big shout out to our Chinese listeners;  as well as a humorous Twitter exchange with the folk from Waiting 4 Wrath. We then dive right in to our usual assortment of news stories, first of which is a real Christian woman getting a ticket for serving meals to the homeless, and invoking RFRA for a noble purpose (for once!) We then speak of a CBS Sunday Special Report which shows the real struggles of Southern atheists such as Neil Carter and Mandissa Thomas in a way that really spotlights their humanity. Next, we cover yet another hilariously scathing letter from Horus Gilgamesh of Awkward Moments Children’s Bible fame, this time aimed at Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt and his moronic letter to state school superintendents. And, finally, for our Volunteers Stupidity segment, we find out that a bill to make the Bible the official book of Tennessee is killed in the State Senate, but for the wrong reasons. So sit back and relax, your belt is about to get unbuckled!

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Show Notes

Zachrilege’s review of our interview with Dan Arel.

Twitter exchange with Waiting 4 Wrath

Texas woman invokes ‘religious freedom’ argument to fight $2000 fine for feeding the homeless

Atheists: In godlessness we trust

Mr. Pruitt, Your Bibles Are On The Way!

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt defends Bible distribution in schools, says ‘religious freedoms are under attack’

Senate kills bill to make Bible official Tennessee book

UTBB Episode 18 : Atheist Menorah

On this episode of everyone’s favorite Middle Tennessee atheist podcast, Seethin’ and Joe start off with the intro in which they discuss Seethin’s review of J.D. Brucker’s blog, and Mr. Brucker’s mention of said review on his blog as well as his book’s Amazon page; sexism in atheism, specifically on Facebook; the absolute need for you to watch the latest Scientology documentary “Going Clear” and/or the book on which the documentary is based; and the subject of this episode’s author segment, Eiynah Nicemangoes.

We then discuss the writings and illustrations of the aforementioned Eiynah, as well as her no-holds barred attitude in everything she does. Next we discuss, for the last time, another round of unbelievably stupid things said by CJ Werleman. CNN once again publishes a post favorable to atheists, this time by the incomparable Mandisa Thomas, President of Black Nonbelievers, Inc., in which she discusses the need for more diversity in atheism. Next on the agenda we have Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty infamy fantasizing about raping atheist girls, and how Horus Gilgamesh politely tells Phil to go fuck himself. Finally, for our Volunteers Stupidity segment, Joe regales you with the story of Bible Man, aka Horace Turner, and how the FFRF finally brought his reign of Christian proselytizing to public school kids in Tennessee to an end. And don’t forget, the American Atheists convention takes place in Memphis this upcoming Easter Weekend! If you attend, drop us a line and let us know how it went at either our email address unbuckling@gmail.com, or call the voicemail line at (931) 300-2574. Let your atheist flag fly!

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Show notes

Chris from the Unbuckling the Bible Belt Podcast shares his thoughts on ‘Improbable’

Amazon.com’s page for J.D. Brucker’s book Improbable : Issues with the God Hypothesis

Going Clear | HBO Documentary Films | HBO

Eiynah Nicemangos’ blog

Eiynah Nicemango’s Patreon

This Is Pakistan’s First Anti-Homophobia Children’s Book, And It Is Beautiful

Why This Pakistani Blogger Called Ben Affleck a Stifler

CJ Werleman Calls New Atheists “White Supremacists”

Confessions of a black atheist

Black Nonbelievers, Inc.

Secular Coalition For America

Foundation Beyond Belief

Dear Phil Robertson…

“Bible Man” Kicked Out of Tennessee Elementary School After FFRF Inquiry

UTBB Episode 17 : Post-Honeymoon Stupidity

Joe returns hitched and refreshed from his honeymoon, and with what can only be described some sort of sickening glow of happiness, brings vigor back to the podcast. We start with announcements about Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s new Twitter; JD Brucker mentioning us in his blog; Seethin’s less than stellar appearance on the Zachrilege Cast, and his slightly more stellar appearance on a Quranify Me skit; Kevin the Infidel’s tweet mentioning the show; Matthew The Apostle’s shameless poaching of a story from Tennessee; and a voicemail left on Cognitive Dissonance by Seethin.

Then we get into the meat of the show, with our characteristic brand of wit and profanity. Our first story shows that CNN is apparently trying to become the Atheist News Channel; JD Brucker reviews “God Is Not Dead” and tells everyone to basically forget it ever existed; Why anti-theists are pissed, and it’s not quite 99 reasons, but it’s pretty damn close; CNN once again demonstrates that it’s going for the atheist demographic by showing an FFRF promo; and we premier another new segment called “Volunteers Stupidity”, which highlights religious dumbassery in our lovely home state of Tennessee. Hey, we might not be Cognitive Dissonance, but we’re the next best thing!

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Show Notes

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Twitter

JD Brucker’s Blog Post “Featured on ‘Unbuckling The Bible Belt'”

Zachrilege Cast #9: Chris “Seethinheathen”

Quranify Me Episode 52 – Sharia Divorce Court

Atheist & Secular Info Board – Unbuckling The Bible Belt

Kev The Infidel’s Twitter

In The Name of God : The Podcast, Episode 39 “The Best Rapist”

Cognitive Dissonance Episode 215 : Crumb Dumpster

The Friendly Atheists Next Door

Another Atheist Watches “God’s Not Dead”

Why I’m Angry: An Anti-Theist’s 78 Reasons

CNN airs controversial atheist ad promoting Freedom From Religion

Tennessee church sign: ‘Remember, Satan was the first to demand equal rights’

UTBB Episode 16 : Mega-Chutzpah

Once again Seethin’ goes it alone, this time because Joe is on his honeymoon, undoubtedly doing unspeakable things do that poor woman that is now his wife. This week in the intro we find that CNN is doing a special on atheists and make it sound scary, as well as a genuine thank you to the awesome hosts at The Gaytheist Manifesto. Next, a new segment is introduced where notable atheist authors/journalists are highlighted, and we start with blogger, author, and all-around anti-theist avenger J.D. Brucker, Then we start with our news stories which include a Christian boot camp getting shut down in Alabama; A Virginia local politician seems to think that God ended slavery; Our local paper does an article about Openly Secular trying to get religious test laws abolished in Tennessee as well as other states; and Dan Arel once again shows that the Hamm-ster is a pathetic, delusional narcissist who is desperate for attention. So while Joe’s enjoying marital bliss, Seethin’ is layin’ down the truth!

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Show notes

CNN Special Report: Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers

The Gaytheist Manifesto Spreaker Page

J.D. Brucker’s Website

Private Christian boot camp shut down, owners arrested

Virginia official claims God, not government, ended slavery

Atheists want law removed that bars them from office

Ark Encounter officials have filed an injunction with the State of Kentucky

UTBB Episode 13 : Neither Snow Nor Rain…

It’s a solo effort this week, as a Southern Snow/Icepocalypse added to hectic schedules conspired to make it impossible for the intrepid heathens to synchronize, so apologies to those who only tune in for Joe’s dulcet tones; hopefully Seethin’s decidedly less velvety tones will do for this week. On tap: The Denmark shootings and what we know as of now; Tennessee once again tries to sneak Christianity into the State Constitution; Georgia teachers thinks forcing kids to pray is just fine; 50 Shades in a hit in a hilariously ironic locale; A pediatrician won’t see a baby because of its parents; and Foundation Beyond Belief shows atheists have a heart without the threat of eternal damnation to motivate them. Sometimes going solo feels better! Enjoy!

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Show Notes

Request for Review of Court Order Forcing Non-Religious Parent to take Children to Catholic Church Petition

Sam Harris iTunes Page

Sam Harris Soundcloud Page

Denmark attacks: Large crowds mourn shooting victims

GOP Lawmaker Wants To Add ‘Almighty God, Our Savior’ To Constitution As ‘Creator’ Of Liberty

Georgia public school teachers humiliate kids for not praying to ‘God our Father’: lawsuit

Maddow: ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Top Ticket Sales From Religious Anti-Gay Hate Group’s Hometown

Christian Pediatrician Refuses to Treat Baby Girl Because Her Parents Are Lesbian

Drive to Honor the Victims of the Chapel Hill Shooting

The Unholy Trinity Down Under Tour Official Website