UTBB Episode 31 : Skeptically Yours, Kentucky

We’re up to our usual tomfoolery this week! In the intro we plug Not Another Atheist Podcast; delve into two stories, one about a reality show getting it completely and utterly wrong about atheists, and one about Charlie Hebdo apparently waving the white flag, though no one can blame them. We then talk briefly about the Confederate Flag march in Columbia, SC, and how the KKK and White Supremacists are really just total assholes.

Chris then interviews Bluegrass Skeptic, a blogger and activist hailing from a redneck town in Northern Kentucky, mere miles from the bridge over the river into Cincinnati. She talks about her struggles being atheist in a small town; her philosophy on atheism and humanism; her experiences as a mail truck driver for U.S. Postal Service; her activism; and even her views on the failure of Capitalism as an economic system. It’s a wide-ranging interview, but ultimately a great conversation with an intensely interesting personality. Listen, enjoy, and share!

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Show Notes

Not Another Atheist Podcast’s home page

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ABC’s What Would You Do? Features Angry Atheist Yelling at Praying Family in a Restaurant

Charlie Hebdo waves the white flag

In South Carolina, a tale of two rallies

The Bluegrass Skeptic


Bluegrass Skeptic’s Facebook page

Bluegrass Skeptic’s Twitter

Tri-State Freethinkers

UTBB Episode 30 : A Saylor Weathers The Storm

This episode we start out with some Twitter love that was thrown our way, which is always welcome. We then mention that Joe was on Zachrilege Cast, on which they talked mostly about beer and sports. Seethin’ then throws out a couple of stories for discussion, including the reappearance of Baphomet and Hanuman, in Arkansas, of all places; a story about Joel Osteen and the money robbed from his church, which Seethin’ stupidly forgot to check the date on; and then a pastor on Fox News saying that Jesus would sure as shit send those dirty immigrants back where they came from. We then throw out a little bonus : an excerpt of Chris, Joe, and Tucker’s conversation from Cafe Coco after seeing Neil Carter speak in Nashville. Out of about an hour of material, only about ten minutes of it was usable, and even that was drunken idiocy at low audio quality. It is still pretty funny, regardless.

We then go on to the interview, which this week is with BJ Saylor. He is an ex-Christian who was brought up in the Pentecostal tradition and was exposed to extreme indoctrination during his attendance at a church-run school, as well as his born-again parents. He tells of the painful journey of an intelligent, perceptive boy into manhood, who has to navigate the pitfalls of hypocrisy and hatred associated with extreme Evangelical Christianity. He has emerged on the other side as a freethinker and an atheist, but not without scars he may never heal from. BJ, however, does offer words of hope at the end to encourage those in similar situations. This is one of the more serious interviews, but also one of the more fulfilling and informative.

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Show notes

Zachrilege Cast #23 — Joe Kindic of Unbuckling the Bible Belt

Site for demon statue sought at Capitol

Joel Osteen’s church theft opens can of worms: Jaws drop as folks do the math

Fox Pastor – “Jesus Wants Churches to Turn Over Undocumented Immigrants, Not Feed or Shelter Them”

BJ Saylor’s Facebook profile

The Clergy Project

UTBB Episode 29 : Wolfsong Manifesto

This week, we mention a new Southern podcast on the scene, as well discuss the Fourth of July; hot dogs in burgers and pizza; the Dukes of Hazzard; and stories from two counties in our beloved home state. Chris then goes solo again and interviews co-host of The Gaytheist Manifesto, Daniel Wolfsong. We discuss the show; his special beard oil; and LGBT issues in general, as well other fascinating and funny topics. He is the “quiet one” on his show, so I try to get him to open up a bit. You can judge whether I succeeded or not. Enjoy!

Download the show here.

Show Notes

Country Fried Freethought Homepage

Country Fried Freethought Podcast Facebook Page

TV Land Pulls Dukes of Hazzard Amid Confederate Flag Controversy

Decatur County Clerk office receives praise, jeers

“Reviewers” Humorously DESTROY East Tennessee “No Gays Allowed” Store Owner (Screenshots)


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The Gaytheist Manifesto Homepage

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