UTBB Episode 16 : Mega-Chutzpah

Once again Seethin’ goes it alone, this time because Joe is on his honeymoon, undoubtedly doing unspeakable things do that poor woman that is now his wife. This week in the intro we find that CNN is doing a special on atheists and make it sound scary, as well as a genuine thank you to the awesome hosts at The Gaytheist Manifesto. Next, a new segment is introduced where notable atheist authors/journalists are highlighted, and we start with blogger, author, and all-around anti-theist avenger J.D. Brucker, Then we start with our news stories which include a Christian boot camp getting shut down in Alabama; A Virginia local politician seems to think that God ended slavery; Our local paper does an article about Openly Secular trying to get religious test laws abolished in Tennessee as well as other states; and Dan Arel once again shows that the Hamm-ster is a pathetic, delusional narcissist who is desperate for attention. So while Joe’s enjoying marital bliss, Seethin’ is layin’ down the truth!

Download the show here.

Show notes

CNN Special Report: Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers

The Gaytheist Manifesto Spreaker Page

J.D. Brucker’s Website

Private Christian boot camp shut down, owners arrested

Virginia official claims God, not government, ended slavery

Atheists want law removed that bars them from office

Ark Encounter officials have filed an injunction with the State of Kentucky

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