UTBB Episode Episode 2 : Jesus Christ Porn Star!

On this episode of Unbuckling The Bible Belt, your intrepid hosts discover that a Florida school system doesn’t appreciate Satanic coloring books; Christians have infiltrated the Republican Party of Texas, which is news to no one; the State of Mississippi demonstrates once again why they are the last in everything by trying to make Christianity a state religion; A guy carrying a cross is in an accident, but not the way you might hope; and Anonymous is not to be messed with, even when the KKK threaten them with their white hoods and outdated ideology. Also, find out who has been helping the show get the word out, and the Atheist Prayer rounds things out. Fun and excitement for all!

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Show Links:

Florida School Board Blocks Bible Distribution After Satanists, Atheists Demand Equal Time

Rick Scarborough: ‘Christians Have Infiltrated The Republican Party In Texas’ And Turned It Into A Revival Meeting

Mississippi Group Seeks To Declare Christianity As State Religion

Man carrying cross through SC involved in car crash near Myrtle Beach

Anonymous Is Going To War With The KKK Over Ferguson Protests

Former Porn Star Asia Carrera is the Latest Driver’s License Pastafarian

Music by Eric Parsons. You can contact him at marrman89@gmail.com.

Unbuckling The Bible Belt podcast is live!

I am excited to announce that the podcast that is the companion to this blog is now live! Go check out the inaugural podcast here. Also, you can go head on over to Facebook and show a little love by “liking” the page here! I’m not quite sure how often we will able to produce the podcast, but I’m hoping it will be at least twice a month. The podcast will be on iTunes and Stitcher as soon as it goes through the review process. Comments can be left on the blog, on the Facebook page, or you can also email us at unbuckling@gmail.com.

In this episode Chris the Seethin’ Heathen and SJ are introduced as the show’s intrepid hosts. We discuss the goals of the show, which include lots of cussin’ and atheist/anti-theist ranting, but also with logic and reason utilized when possible. We present all of this titillating information from a Tennessee perspective.

Our main story this week is the passage of Amendement 1 to the Tennessee State Constitution, which allows the legislature to pass laws regulating abortion in our grand state. We talk about what the law really means, and what the effects may be, and how fucked up the whole thing is. We also somehow manage to segue into the Brittany Maynard case, and how all the Christians aren’t acting terribly Christian.

Show links: